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Restroom Stall Partition Styles & Descriptions

All Partitions and Parts offers 4 types of Each type of partition presents its own advantages and benefits. Here we've laid out some basic details for each as well as our own recommendations to help you determine which partition type will fit your project the best.

But first, while there are differences between the 4, there are similarities.

For instance, with any type of partition, all have a standard door and panel height of 58" (4.8 feet) and sit 12" off the floor. However, with new preferences for more privacy, we now have 64" (5.3 feet) high doors and panels or 72" (6 feet) doors with 76" (6.3 feet) panels now available.

Also, we have no-sight line solutions which are now available with continuous hinges, full height stops and full height channels.

When ordering, let us know your preferences by calling us or adding it to your quote sheet.

Partition Stall Differences

Floor Anchored/ Overhead Braced Partitions

Floor Anchored/ Overhead Braced partitions are the least expensive.

This type of partition stall is the most economical and popular among our customers. It includes 82" high pilasters which mount on the floor and go 12" above the doors and panels. The overhead brace is a headrail which connects the tops of the pilasters for added strength.

This type of partition is recommended for higher traffic areas which could possibly be prone to vandalism. It is recommended for use with lighter weight concrete and plywood.

Floor Mounted Partitions

Floor Mounted Partitions cost about 4% more than Floor Anchored/ Overhead Braced Partitions.

Floor Anchored partitions are being used less and less according to our customers. The partitions are anchored to the floor with 70" high pilasters which go from the floor to the tops of the doors and panels. The panels are also anchored to the back wall for extra support.

This the only style of partition which has a flush top line which gives it a more modern and contemporary appearance. The low height makes it especially suitable for low ceiling areas.

Floor Anchored partitions have a more simplified construction that makes it easier to install. It's recommended for concrete floors only with a 2" minimum penetration into the floor required.

Ceiling Hung Partitions

Ceiling Hung Partitions cost about 7% more than Floor Anchored/ Overhead Braced Partitions.

Ceiling Hung Partitions are supported by the ceiling, there are no pilasters extending to the floor. This gives it an open design which provides an unobstructed floor area for a clean look and easier overall maintenance. When used with other wall-hung fixtures, the entire floor area is accessible for more efficient cleaning.

Structural steel ceiling supports are necessary to assure proper and safe installation.

Floor to Ceiling Anchored Partitions

Floor to Ceiling Anchored Partitions cost about 7% more than Floor Anchored/ Overhead Braced Partitions.

Floor to Ceiling anchored partitions are recommended for busy washrooms where abusive treatment is possible and vandal resistance is critical. Pilasters are anchored to structural ceiling support and mounted in concrete flooring which makes this construction style very stable and durable.

Both doors and panels normally sit 12" above the floor.